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Healthy Gums, Beautiful Smile

Are you ashamed of your gummy smile? Do you wish you could erase gum discoloration? Have tooth extractions led to sunken cheeks and premature aging? Smile Design Dental provides periodontal plastic surgery to recontour and shape your gums, teeth and jaw structure. This procedure requires the skill and experience for the best results. We understand that your gums are the secret to a healthy, beautiful smile, and our highly trained dentists have designed smiles for decades. While our gum disease solutions allow us to treat infection, periodontal plastic surgery gives us the power to care for your cosmetic concerns. By reshaping your gum structure, we can create a balanced foundation for a gorgeous, confident smile!

Conditions Periodontal Plastic Surgery Treats

An uneven gum line, also referred to as a “gummy smile,” is a common yet worrisome problem for many dental patients, but here at Smile Design Dental, we can remove excess tissue and reshape your gums using state-of-the-art technology. If you’re struggling with uneven gums, we can help you achieve the balanced smile of your dreams!

If you’ve recently noticed your teeth are looking longer in the mirror, you may be suffering from receding gums. Unfortunately, gum recession can add years to your appearance. In some cases, genetics or aggressive brushing can cause shrinking gums, but gum disease can also cause receding gums. We can perform gum graft surgery in south Florida to regenerate gum tissue and rebalance your smile.

Dark spots on your gums are generally harmless, but they can be embarrassing for many patients. With laser gum depigmentation, you can say goodbye to gum discoloration! We’ll use an advanced dental laser to target problem areas and give you a dramatically improved smile.
When one or more teeth fall out due to traumatic injuries or decay, they leave behind indentations. These marks noticeably change your facial appearance, especially when you speak. However, our dentists can eliminate this issue with periodontal plastic surgery in south Florida.

When your tooth has extensive decay, our dentists may recommend a functional crown lengthening for a crown or bridge placement. This allows us to create enough space for your new restorations by removing gum tissue and reshaping the supporting bone. With our sedation solutions, you’ll remain comfortable for the entire procedure.

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What to Expect From Periodontal Plastic Surgery

At your initial appointment, our dental team will discuss your customized periodontal plastic surgery plan, including preparations, procedure and costs. We’ll also address all of your questions and concerns. For certain procedures, a friend or family member should accompany you and drive home. Our dentist may also order an antibiotic to take 24 hours before your procedure.

On the day of your periodontal surgery, we may administer sedation to reduce dental anxiety and to keep you pain-free. Then, we’ll begin reshaping your gum tissue and bone structure according to your dental needs. Rest assured, we’ll tend to your every need. With over 20 years of experience and extensive training, our dentists can expertly design and construct your new look with exceptional skill. Finally, we’ll have you back into the office for a checkup, so we can evaluate your postoperative healing progress. If you have any questions between your procedure and your checkup, you can always feel free to call us, and we’ll be happy to help.

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Cost of Periodontal Plastic Surgery

The total cost of your periodontal plastic surgery depends on what procedure you have done, and any other treatments included in your custom treatment plan. However, we’ll discuss costs well in advance, so you’ll understand all fees up front, to ensure they fit your budget. We also partner with major insurance providers and leading finance companies to help you manage the costs. The appearance of your gums can have a significant impact on how your smile looks. With affordable options and high-end care, periodontal plastic surgery in south Florida will rejuvenate your smile and confidence!

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