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Providing Axiety Free Root Canal Treatment

Persistent tooth pain and swelling, dentition discoloration, and intense sensitivity may be an indication that you need a root canal. As distressing as that may sound to patients in the Fort Lauderdale area, they can be assured that Smile Design Dental is ready to perform comfortable procedures using excellent sedation and anesthesia techniques that keep anxiety away from the dentist chair!

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What is Root Canal Therapy?

Our Dentist, Dr, Diego Azar and associates always do their utmost to try and keep your natural dentition. That’s why, when the pulp of a tooth becomes infected or severely decayed, a root canal can help to save it and promote further healing. Abscesses and severe pain are indications that you should see a dentist right away, who will treat the area and cap off the tooth with a color-matched crown that is virtually indistinguishable from your original dentition. Using state-of-the-art CEREC technology, a natural-looking crown can even be manufactured while you wait!

Are you a Candidate for a Root Canal?

We at Smile Design Dental know that root canals have a bad reputation. In truth, the science of today has made it about as painful as repairing a deep cavity. There are several symptoms that may indicate a patient is in need of a root canal, including:
Intense pain that isn’t isolated to a single tooth but can be felt along the jaw could indicate spreading infection and decay

Severe cavities might actually change the color of your tooth as the interior begins to rot

Painful, reddened gums may indicate an increase in bacteria below the surface and could even result in an abscess near the infected tooth

As enamel is eaten away it allows the sensitive tooth interior to become more affected by changes in temperature

An infection can reduce bone density around a tooth which may cause it to shift as it loses its seating

A consultation at Smile Design Dental will have our team assessing your condition to find the best treatment plan for you!
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How Much Does a Root Canal Cost?

Since dental insurance plans vary, it is difficult to know the total out-of-pocket price of a root canal. Even patients with no insurance have the option of joining the Smile Design Dental membership club. This setup offers deep discounts on common procedures including root canals, as well as financing options to help spread out the cost on a monthly basis!

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is tooth pain getting in the way of your life?

Letting an infected tooth linger may cause more severe problems in the long run. Contact our offices to make an appointment and let Smile Design Dental give you the quality care you deserve.

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