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Are you in urgent need of dental care? Are you considering getting braces or a smile makeover? Then you’ll be thrilled to know that our Plantation dentist offers same day appointments so that you can get the answers you want, right when you need them.

Couple that are thrilled to know that their Plantation FL dentist offers same day appointments so that they can get the answers they want right when they need themAs a comprehensive family dental office, we provide a menu of services including those like:

No referrals are necessary. Whether you haven’t seen a dentist in years or are looking for a new dentist in Plantation, new patients are always welcome.

Plantation Sedation Dentistry

Looking for an easy way to relax throughout your next dental appointment? Our licensed sedation dentists offer convenient "laughing gas", conscious oral sedation, and even safe IV sedation here inside of our office. It’s a great way to calm your nerves and “nap” right through your entire visit - no matter how simple or complex it is. Just ask!

Dental Implant Services

In the past, replacing missing teeth meant you only had the option of dentures or a bridge, but thanks to dental implants, you now have more choices. Our Plantation dental implants can replace as many teeth as necessary. Implants have the potential to last for the rest of your entire life. In fact, implants also strengthen your bone and keep your smile stronger as you age.

Dining Options in Plantation

Like the symmetry of this shell your teeth could be straight and your smile could beautiful with our Invisalign braces found at our Plantation FL office.Plantation doesn’t just have great dentists - we also have great dining options! While you’re in town, be sure to stop by 7 Flavors Restaurant for your choice of Indian, Pakistani, and Chinese dishes. If you want a combination of each, come on the weekend for the buffet. We hear the butter chicken is excellent.

If you’re not so hungry, stop by for a latte made with macadamia nut milk or a rosemary cappuccino at Ella Cafe. Your taste buds won’t know what hit them. They don’t just have great drinks and food - there’s also an open mic night and a fabulous family atmosphere.

At Parlour Vegan Bakery, there is an amazing selection of baked goods like cinnamon buns, empanadas, and pizza rolls. Harry Potter fans will get a kick out of their butterbeer gourmet cake donuts (which will run you about $4 a pop).

New Patients Welcome - Including Kids!

Are you looking for a pediatric dentist in Plantation, FL? Our family practice treats patients of all ages, with a number of children’s dental services available. The earlier your child gets the care he or she needs, the healthier his or her smile will be in the future. Call us today! Weekend appointments are available.

If you find your self with a dental emergency in Margate FL, we have an office there for you too.

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