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If you’re seeking quality, comprehensive dental care at an affordable price, Smile Design Dental in Margate is the right place for you. We focus on taking care of all your general dentistry needs as well as specialized care on-site so you can enjoy a one-stop solution for you and your family. 

Some of the services we offer our patients are cosmetic treatments, fillings, crowns and bridges, oral pathology screenings, gum disease treatment, Invisalign or traditional braces for orthodontics, sleep and sedation dentistry and the best pediatric dentistry you could imagine.

We focus on taking care of all your general dentistry needs as well as specialized care on-site so you can enjoy a one-stop solution for you and your family.

Our friendly and highly trained staff offer compassionate dental care for all our existing patients and always welcome new patients. With a convenient location just off North State Road 7 we’re ready to provide the high-quality dental care you deserve.

Contact Numbers

New Patients: (954) 231-2520
Current Patients: (954) 974-8550

We are located on Highway 441 between coconut creek parkway and royal palm boulevard on the west side of the road.

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Monday | 9:00am – 5:00pm
Tuesday | 9:00am – 5:00pm
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Saturday | 9:00am – 2:00pm

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Our Dental Services

Dentistry Near Margate, FL

Our caring and family-friendly atmosphere makes our Margate dentist office an ideal place for everyone to catch up on their dental needs at one time. 

With multiple doctors and patient rooms, we can accommodate your family in an efficient manner. There’s no need to drive all over town or schedule appointments on different days. In fact, same-day appointments are often available!

Additional Treatment Information

Dental Implants in Margate

Dr. Diego Azar has hundreds of hours of training in dental implant therapy, and can help you replace your missing teeth with beautiful, permanent dental implants that look just like the real thing. One of the greatest things about tooth implants is that they can last for the rest of your life.

Whether you need to replace one tooth or a full mouth of them, implants offer greater stability and security than any other type of tooth replacement treatment.

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Invisalign® Braces for Adults

Would you like to straighten your teeth without wearing regular braces? Then Invisalign clear aligner orthodontics is right for you!

Our Margate dentist has an associate dentist who focuses on orthodontic care for people just like you. Traditional braces are also available! 

Call us to schedule your same or next-day evaluation to find out which one is best for you.

CEREC® Same-Day Crowns

Instead of waiting weeks for your crown to arrive, take advantage of our same-day dental crown services. Using computer-aided design software, the CEREC same-day crown system fabricates your permanent crown by taking digitized images of your mouth. 

This removes the need for outside dental labs and ensures that you get a durable, long-lasting, and permanent crown on the very same day as your initial appointment!

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Anti-Aging Injections and Fillers

While correcting stained teeth and damaged dentition can help patients appear younger, Smile Design Dental of Margate has other tools that assist in reducing the signs of aging. 

Dentists across the world have embraced anti-aging Botox injections and fillers as a service to not only rejuvenate the smile but the entire face as well! By smoothing out the skin and reducing tightness in underlying muscles, the treatment is also effective at relieving some symptoms associated with TMD (temporomandibular disorder) as well. 

With these minimally invasive treatments, you can look and feel rejuvenated from tooth to temple!

Insurance and Financing

Don’t have insurance? No problem. Our affordable financing options mean you can make flexible monthly payments on everything from braces, to implants, and more. 

If you do carry insurance, we’ll work directly with your carrier to maximize your benefits, so that you spend less out of pocket on your cost of care.

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Emergency Dentist in Margate

If you’re experiencing a dental emergency in Margate, call us right away. We also answer calls after hours, and can be accessed 24/7. 

Just call our office number and follow the prompts. We’ll work you in as quickly as possible to get you out of pain.

Common Question We’re Asked About Dentistry

Cost for dental treatments can vary from person to person depending on the treatment that you may need. When we recommend a specific treatment to you, we’ll discuss pricing for the treatment plan and explain the different financing options that fit your needs. We offer third party financing and insurance options to fit most budgets.

Our office gladly accepts walk-ins and emergency cases. Dental emergencies are of course unexpected and sometimes can be terrifying depending on the type of dental emergency. We treat emergencies from a persistent toothache to a knocked-out tooth! If you’re experiencing something other than a dental emergency make sure to contact 911 to seek medical treatment.

We recommend coming in for cleanings every six-months. In a perfect world, everyone would brush and floss twice a day. Over time, plaque builds up and a bacterial film can solidify and turn into calculus or tartar. This cement-like substance is removed by the hygienist at your regular cleaning visits and prevents future complications and periodontal disease. This helps to not only keep your mouth healthy and clean, but it also allows potential problems to be uncovered and diagnosed earlier.

We recommend sensitivity toothpaste, which contains strontium chloride or potassium nitrate and can be very effective in treating sensitive teeth. After a few weeks of use, you may notice a decrease in sensitivity. Highly acidic foods such as oranges, grapefruits and lemons, as well as tea and soda can increase tooth sensitivity, and work against sensitivity toothpaste. If you aren’t relieved by brushing gently and using desensitizing toothpaste, schedule an appointment with us so we can check up on your oral health.

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