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Am I Going To Get Excellent Care For My Emergency Dentistry?

When people have dental emergencies, whether it be because of excruciating tooth pain or if the tooth is accidentally knocked out, they should get fast and high-quality care to treat it. By going to a skilled and caring doctor’s office, patients can get high-quality procedures for their emergency dentistry in Fort Lauderdale, FL.


Continue reading to learn more about how patients can get excellent care for their emergency dentistry procedures. With quality care, patients will be able to eat, speak, and smile properly for years to come.


What Excellent Care Am I Going To Get For My Emergency Dentistry In Fort Lauderdale, FL?


Dental emergencies can be quite stressful, painful, and they can cause major discomfort. Luckily, people can get excellent care for their dental emergencies when they go to a state-of-the-art office. The following are the types of emergency dentistry problems that can be dependably treated.


Knocked Out Teeth:

A knocked-out or a partially dislodged tooth requires immediate attention. When people have knocked out teeth, they should put it back in its socket and hold it there until they receive emergency dental care. If that’s not possible, the knocked-out tooth should be placed in a small container of milk to preserve it. Knocked out teeth can also be replaced by restorative dental implants. Dental implants give patients long-lasting new smiles.


Persistent Toothaches:

Persistent tooth pain is generally a sign of infection, sometimes inside the tooth. While people with persistent toothaches may only need a filling, when they have extreme tooth sensitivity or sharp pain when they bite or chew, it can indicate they have an emergency dentistry situation with their tooth root. Painful toothaches can be treated with root canal therapy, giving patients a pain-free new smile.


Broken Teeth:

After experiencing an oral trauma or injury, people can have severely damaged teeth. Unlike minority chipped or broken teeth, severely damaged teeth will need to be treated with emergency dentistry procedures. Although it is not always visible, tooth damage may go beyond the surface to the person’s inner tooth.


Depending on the size and extent of the severely damaged tooth, people may need a tooth filling, a tooth crown, or a root canal. More severe cases may require emergency tooth extractions.

Tooth Abscess:

A dental infection due to an injury, cavity, or previous dental work can cause an abscess to form at the base of the tooth root. Emergency dentistry treatments for tooth abscesses frequently involve an emergency root canal to eliminate the damaged pulp inside the tooth root.


Dry Socket:

When people have severe oral pain after their recent tooth extraction, then they have dry socket. Dry socket is a dental emergency that occurs when the blood clot in an empty tooth socket is dislodged and the underlying nerves and bone are exposed. This condition requires immediate treatment to prevent infection and to resolve intense oral pain. Dry socket can be treated by cleaning the empty socket and packing the space with gauze.


A highly trained doctor can fix each dental emergency in Fort Lauderdale, FL with great precision and accuracy using the latest advanced technologies. Emergency dentistry procedures can restore and preserve the health, look, and function of the patients smile. Sedation dentistry is used to give patients an anxiety-free and comfortable emergency dentistry procedure experience.

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