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Are Full Mouth Dental Implants In Fort Lauderdale, FL, Cost-Effective?

When people are missing all of their teeth in their upper or lower arches, it causes them more than just cosmetic, social, and dietary problems. Over time, having a full arch of missing teeth can even cause people to experience jawbone deterioration. While full mouth dental implants in Fort Lauderdale, FL, have a high initial cost, they are cost-effective over time. Continue reading to learn how full mouth dental implants give patients a cost-effective new smile.

How Are Full Mouth Dental Implants In Fort Lauderdale, FL Cost-Effective?

Full mouth dental implants are a cost-effective tooth replacement option because they are designed to act like natural teeth in the ways they stimulate the patients jawbone and give them chewing capabilities. A custom designed prosthesis is held in the patients mouth by the four or more strategically placed dental implants in their jawbone. The dental implant posts fuse with the patient’s jawbone, giving them a permanent, healthy, and strong new smile.

Unlike traditional dentures, full mouth dental implants cannot be taken out of the patients mouth except by a highly skilled doctor. This means patients can rely on full mouth dental implants giving them a stable and reliable new smile that, with proper care and maintenance, will last them for years to come. Here are more detailed reasons why full mouth dental implants are a cost-effective tooth replacement option:

Permanently Replaces Missing Teeth:

Patients will never have to replace the dental implant posts for their full mouth dental implants, once they permanently fuse with their jawbone. With proper care and maintenance, the prosthesis can give patients a beautiful and functional new smile for years to come.

Has High Success Rates:

When patients go to a knowledgeable doctor for a customized full mouth dental implant procedure, they can expect to have an accurately and predictably placed new smile.

Patients Can Resume Having A Normal Diet:

When people get treated with full mouth dental implants, it won’t cause them to have any dietary restrictions. This is because the dental implant posts hold the prosthesis securely in place, giving the patient a stable new smile that will not move while they eat.

Gives Patients A More Confident New Smile:

With full mouth dental implants, patients will feel more confident in smiling with their aesthetically pleasing and natural looking new teeth.


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