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Saving Your Natural Teeth

Are you self-conscious about a cracked or missing tooth? Is tooth sensitivity or pain interfering with your daily life? Smile Design Dental provides high-quality dental crowns and bridges in south Florida for anyone who is experiencing such discomfort. If a traumatic injury or decay caused damage to your tooth, you might want to consider a dental crown. Our knowledgeable dentists can examine your tooth to see if the interior and roots are still in good shape. If everything looks good, we can place a dental crown around the tooth to reinforce and save it. If you’ve lost two or more adjacent teeth, a dental bridge will be necessary, but a bridge is just an option if your surrounding teeth are healthy.

While having too many lost or decayed teeth generally prevents placing a bridge, we offer full arch implants in south Florida, so there’s no need to fear. Blending creativity, science and technology, we design each crown and bridge with perfect color match and seamless fit in mind. Our team of skilled dentists believes in saving your natural teeth whenever possible, and with decades of experience, we can in most cases! As you leave our office with new dental bridges and crowns in south Florida, you’ll be able to show off a strong and beautiful smile!

Blending creativity, science and technology, we design each crown and bridge with perfect color match and seamless fit in mind.

Reinforcing Your Injured Tooth

Dental crowns are “caps” that fit over your damaged teeth, restoring strength and protecting it from further injury. They also make your smile look and feel complete! If your tooth has suffered extensive damage or decay and we can’t treat it with composite bonding, our dentists recommend a dental crown. Additionally, dental crowns can preserve a tooth after a root canal treatment. Under the care of a skilled dentist, crown placement is straightforward. First, we take impressions of your tooth to send to a high-tech dental lab. Then, when your new restoration is complete, we’ll place the crown securely over your tooth, paying careful attention to the fit and color match.

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Dynamic Benefits of Dental Crowns

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What Is A dental bridge?

A dental bridge includes several crowns to bridge the gap left behind by your missing teeth. As an alternative to a dental implant, it can replace one or more lost teeth, as long as you have healthy teeth to support the bridge. First, we’ll begin by taking impressions for the dental lab, where experts craft your restorations by hand from high-quality materials to ensure durability, a comfortable fit and a natural-looking smile. When your bridge is finished, we’ll make sure the color blends well with your natural teeth and that you’re happy with the results.

Long-Term Benefits of Dental Bridges

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The Cost of Crowns and Bridges

When selecting a restorative dentist, it’s crucial to consider the dentist’s training, skill, experience and even their artistry. In addition, you should consider the practice’s fees. At Smile Design Dental, we offer competitive rates for superior crowns and bridges in south Florida. We partner with the leading dental financing companies to connect you to affordable monthly payment plans, and our financial coordinator collaborates with insurance providers to submit your claim for you! Once we determine the total cost of your dental crown or bridge, we’ll go over it with you in detail. If you have any questions concerning financing, we’re happy to help you!

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