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Will A Zirconia Fixed Bridge In Fort Lauderdale, FL Restore My Smile?

When people with missing teeth, or those with traditional dentures, are ready to upgrade their smile with a more lasting, functional, and aesthetically pleasing tooth replacement option, then a zirconia fixed bridge in Fort Lauderdale, FL could be right for them.

A zirconia fixed bridge can restore a patient’s smile because the of the full mouth dental implants that are used to secure the zirconia bridge in the patient’s mouth. Continue reading to learn more about why a zirconia fixed bridge can restore a patient’s smile.

How Is My Smile Restored With A Zirconia Fixed Bridge In Fort Lauderdale, FL?

Patients looking for a strong and aesthetically pleasing solution to missing teeth should consider replacing their missing teeth with a restorative zirconia fixed bridge. In this advanced tooth replacement procedure, with the latest techniques and technologies, four or more dental implant posts are placed in the patients jawbone by a highly skilled and knowledgeable doctor.

After the dental implant posts are accurately placed in the patient’s jawbone, they fuse with it in a natural process known as osseointegration. Once the dental implant posts have successfully fused with the patients surrounding jawbone material, it gives them a reliable and permanent new smile. Dental implant posts are designed to act like natural tooth roots, stimulating the jawbone to keep it healthy and functional.

With the dental implant posts strategically and securely placed in the patient’s jawbone, they will be able to support a custom-made zirconia bridge. Zirconia bridges are not just natural looking on their own, they are custom designed to look natural in each patient’s mouth. The zirconia bridge, in a zirconia fixed bridge procedure, is made from high-quality ceramic material which is renowned for its strength, durability, and aesthetic qualities.

The custom-made zirconia bridges can be shaped and tinted to match the patient’s existing teeth, providing them with a natural-looking smile that lasts for years with proper care and maintenance.

When people restore their smile with a zirconia fixed bridge, they will be able to resume their normal diet, speak without having to worry about their zirconia bridge slipping or causing discomfort, and they will have a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing new smile that they can have the confidence in showing.


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