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Jennifer - otho patient
"I'm In Awe Of The Health Benefits And Look Of My New Smile."

One day, I just started having a lot of sensitivity in my mouth. It didn’t matter if I had cold water or hot water. Everything bothered me. It would hurt. It was a lot of pain, and I did not know what was going on. So I went to the dentist, and they told me it was because of my underbite.

Everything bothered me. It would hurt. It was a lot of pain, and I did not know what was going on.

Dr. Vera:

Our patient Jennifer was a very complicated orthodontic case. She had issues with what we call a Class III malocclusion, meaning that her lower jaw outgrew her upper jaw. Not only did she have that, but she also had what we call Peg Laterals. Peg Laterals are basically misshapen front upper teeth that are too narrow to fit the arch that they’re in.


And honestly, I would have never thought based off of an underbite that I would have ringing in my ears or sensitivity in my jaws. Like I literally was like, there’s no way from my underbite that, that is what I’m hearing like. That’s why I’m having a ringing. But listen, I was wrong, and they were right. Because the minute they gave me that Class III, the sensitivity and the ringing in my ears stopped.

Dr. Vera:

In her case, what we ended up using was a carrier appliance that requires the use of elastics to basically correct the position of the upper and the lower jaw. Once that was completed, we did comprehensive orthodontics to straighten the teeth and then we finalized it with two veneers to finish closing spaces.


Since the work has been done on my beautiful smile, I have been in awe. I have been extremely happy. As a matter of fact, so many times, like, I’ll be around my friends, my family, I’ll be in the gym and I’ll smile, and everybody’s like, “Your smile is gorgeous,” “Oh, your smile is gorgeous,” and I’m like, “Oh, I know my smile is gorgeous because Dr. Vera did it”. Like it was just perfect. Like honestly, I think it boosted my confidence more than anything to know that my teeth are fixed. That’s one and my teeth are straight. Because if you look at it, the first thing that somebody looks at when they’re looking at you, or at least, when I look at somebody is their teeth. And it has allowed me to smile more and I’m already like a smiley person. So now, all I want to do is be like….

Dr. Vera:

The results when you see Jennifer today, after being told many, many times that she was a surgical candidate to correct the way that she’s biting, is amazing. She looks perfect. She is the happiest she can ever be, and she finally feels like she has a smile that reflects her personality.

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