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"I Felt Like A New Person Because Of All-On-X."

Well, I’m a diabetic. I was having what I would say trouble with my teeth. They were getting loose. I pretty much neglected my teeth. Plus, when I got diabetes, it got worse. It was time to do something. I went to a couple of dentists to see what about my situation until I got to Dr. Azar. I walked in there. He did his X-rays. He gave me where I could be three years, I could be five years. “This is the treatment we’re going to do. It’s all up to you Mr. Morales.” I finish with my arches on top and bottom. I had clip-on dentures. I had glue-on dentures. Then, we went to the next step and got implants and I got my arches.

Then, we went to the next step and got implants and I got my arches.

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When they hand me the mirror and I have my finals in, I was very happy for the first time, going through this journey. It was a year or year and a half. My wife, my family. I was like a new me. My opinion from Dr. Azar is he’s a caring doctor. He will explain to you thoroughly what you’re going through, what you can do, where we’re at. Instead of a patient, he treats you like a human being. He knows what you’re going through. It’s not business only. It’s caring also. I’ll never ever, ever regret that I did. I’m Hollywood now. I get compliments and everybody saying, “Wow, man! You have nice smile.” Yes, you feel good. You feel really good.

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