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Todd Patient Portrait
"Getting My Crowns Was A Life Changing Experience."

Hi, my name is Todd, and the work I had done here at Smile Design Dental was full porcelain crowns.

Problems with my teeth started a long time ago and I always had a plan of, eventually, I would like to get them all done over. So, what happened was as my teeth deteriorated and the enamel broke down, back in the mid-90s, I started to put and have a composite put on it, and they never knew how long it would last. I kept patching them and patching these. I had teeth that actually had more composite in it than an actual tooth, but as they broke, I would have them pulled. So eventually, I’m missing two on this side, one on this side, one on the top, and knowing that eventually, I’m going to go with implants, but it’s funny that, you know, your teeth are your foundation for everything. You’re not chewing your food right. Your stomach– it just goes on and on and on. That’s where I meet Diego, thinking like when I had a problem with that, that tooth itself. They took an x-ray, there’s nothing wrong with it, but the pain was crazy.

Problems with my teeth started a long time ago and I always had a plan of, eventually, I would like to get them all done over.


Dr. Azar:

When I first met Todd, he was an outgoing guy, but you can definitely see that he was not happy with his smile. He talked about, you know, he’s being kind of embarrassed about his teeth. Even though it didn’t affect his confidence, it was always in the back of his mind. He had been dealing with this for years and years. He had been bonding his broken teeth since he was very young, and he just wanted to give himself that smile that he felt like he owes[?] himself into.


I said, “You know what? I’m going with all implants.” He’s like, “Todd, you’re not there.” He says, “I can go all crowns.” And, you know, Diego’s a very experienced dentist and he’s like any professional. He knows exactly what he was going to do, and he was like, “Oh, no. You need a bridge here, a bridge here, full crowns.”, and the rest is history, you know?

Dr. Azar:

The only way to be able to provide Todd with the result that he wanted and the result that I thought would be best for him was to basically do a full mouth reconstruction with the use of full porcelain crowns.


All the media that we hear about, it’s always implant, implants and, you know? He said, “What– you know, what was in the gum was good.” So, as much as we always think we know what’s best for ourselves, sometimes you just have to ask the doctor what’s actually best for you, you know?

Dr. Azar:

Todd is an avid fisherman like me, so we do like to– we’ve developed this friendship, so we do like to go fishing. We look and go out on the boat. Obviously, you know, he claims he’s a better fisherman than I am. We’ll see about that. I’m a better dentist, he’s a better fisherman, but now, with this new smile, it’s off the charts. I mean, his confidence is just through the roof. There’s nothing he can’t do now, he says.


I’m glad that I went with the full crowns, and, you know, getting your teeth on this is a life-changing experience. I mean, I’m not embarrassed to say this. I mean, when they put my temporaries in and I saw myself, you know, I cried. It’s definitely an experience, especially when you’ve had lousy teeth like your whole life. It’s like me having a Porsche at 40. It’s like I needed it when I was 20, but better late– better late than never or for sure, you know?

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